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Cookie & Privacy Policy

AS&E's practices and procedures regarding your privacy

AS&E is providing this privacy statement to make you aware of AS&E's practices and procedures regarding the ways AS&E collects and processes information submitted and/or collected on the AS&E Web site.


What type of information does AS&E collect?

AS&E does not collect personal information on AS&E Web sites unless you choose to provide personal information to AS&E.

AS&E will not collect personal information when you visit AS&E's Web site unless you choose to provide such personal information. AS&E does collect certain information, including Internet Protocol addresses, Internet domain names, the Web browser and operating system used to access the AS&E Web site, the files visited, the time spent in each file, and the time and date of each visit. AS&E may use a third party ad server advertisements or other third parties to provide content on behalf of AS&E.

In order to improve the content of the AS&E Web site, AS&E tracks the amount of time you spend browsing, as well as the pages you visit. AS&E's Web site does recognize your domain name but does not automatically collect personal information about you.

AS&E also collects aggregate information on what pages of the Web site are visited. However, no personal information is collected unless volunteered through mechanisms such as surveys or registrations.

Utilizing cookies to better serve you

AS&E utilizes "Cookies" in order to make the AS&E Web site more user friendly and to provide enhanced and customized features during your visits. Cookies are small bits of data that are sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies permit the AS&E Web site to recognize your user name and email address but do not collect your personal information. AS&E does not mandate Cookies for you to access the site and you may freely set your browser to reject all Cookies or prompt you to accept or reject them. However, not utilizing cookies may prevent you from using certain functions and features of Web sites. The information collected from the use of cookies is used and analyzed to improve AS&E's Web site.

You can refuse to give us personal information.

For certain areas of AS&E's Web site, AS&E requests registration information from you and you are free to provide this information or deny the request. If you do not provide this information, you will still be able to access most of the AS&E Web site. However, you will not be able to access certain areas and/or services offered on the AS&E Web site.

We restrict access to your personal information.

It is AS&E's policy that the information you provide to AS&E is not distributed to third parties for their use or sale. In certain circumstances AS&E may provide your information to third parties, such as upon your consent, when AS&E reasonably believes that it is required to do so by law, or to certain business partners or service providers in the course of providing you with information, products or services. It is AS&E's policy to never sell your information to list brokers or agents for commercial gain.

AS&E will use the information that you provide in order to better service you with respect to AS&E products and services that are available from time to time. AS&E may also notify you of updates to www.as-e.com and of special events or new product offerings that AS&E or its business partners may introduce. These may be in the form of emails or mailings. AS&E permits you to opt-out of certain uses of your information when you initially provide personal information and at a later date if you so request.

We protect the information you give us.

AS&E will take reasonable steps necessary to protect the information you provide to us. We continually review our security procedures and mechanisms to ensure that adequate protections are in place. AS&E's Web site may contain links to other Web based sites. AS&E is not responsible for the privacy practices, security or the content of these sites.


Cookies from AS&E Corporate Website
Sets the datetime that the user last visited the site, and is set for both guests and logged in users. If not set, is automatically set to 10 years ago. Affects guests and logged in users.

Tracks the last 5 pages viewed by the user, and is used primarily for redirection after logging in etc. Affects guests and logged in users.

Every time the state is updated (the page reloaded) the last activity is set to the current datetime. Used to determine expiry. This is essential for logged in users, but not for guests - it is set for both.

Uniquely generated ID that corresponds to the session_id column in the exp_session table. Used when cookie and session are set as the session type. Used only for logged in members.

Matches the unique_id field in the exp_members table. Randomly generated by the functions class at registration. Used only for logged in members.

The encrypted password of the currently logged in user. Set if you choose the cookies and session ID method for sessions (cs in your config.) Used only for logged in members.

A flag set by the user to determine if they are listed in the online users.

Determines the length of the session for a logged in user. There are two options for this cookie: if the user has selected remember me then it is set to 1 year, and if not then it's set to the datetime that the user logged in. Used only for logged in members.

_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz
Used to determine the number of unique visitors to the AS&E website, how they found the website, and details of the pages they visit. This is done on an anonymous basis and our use of these cookies does not involve the collection of any personal information or the identification of anyone. 

Cookies from AS&E Investor Relations Website hosted by NASDAQ
Assigns a unique ID to a user that can be used to follow the path of the user throughout a website. The session ID stored in the cookie also is used as a lookup key for “remember me” functionality that is used for webcasts and mail requests. If a user chooses to use this “remember me” functionality (by checking a box when entering a webcast), the users’ information will be linked internally at Shareholder.com with this session id.

For a user  that has entered information regarding their identity and has opted to use the “remember me” features offered for webcasts and mail document requests.

Used as a “logged in” cookie, which means the user has access to modifying private information, such as alerts sent to a specific email address. The only way to obtain this cookie is by clicking on an email confirmation link that is sent for the purpose of verifying authenticity of a person requesting email alerts. A “log out” button is provided that can be used to clear this information from the browser.

Enables the “briefcase” functionality within the IR site. The user can add PDF documents to their briefcase to later download all of the documents together as a .ZIP file or individually.

Cookies from AS&E’s HR area hosted by iCIMS
Used to log the fact that you have started a unique browsing session on the iCIMS Hosted PPL career page. This cookie does not identify who you are or log any other information about you. It is deleted when your browsing session on the iCIMS Hosted PPL career website finishes. Note that iCIMS has no control over cookies set by accessing the site through Facebook and Linkedin.

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