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Checkpoint & Lobby

SmartCheck® HT

A fast and effective way to screen personnel for concealed contraband and weapons.

SmartCheck HT is a high-throughput, dual-sided configuration of our SmartCheck system. Because it’s designed to generate front and back Z Backscatter® scans simultaneously, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas like border crossings and airport terminals.

To ensure privacy, the SmartCheck HT system shows operators nothing more of each screened person than a chalk outline of the person—and the shape, size, and location of any concealed objects.

As a result, there’s no need for intrusive and time-consuming pat-down searches. For additional privacy and security, the image analysis console is located discretely away from the system.

  • Comprehensive, high-throughput personnel screening system.
  • Superior-quality images are faster and easier to interpret than those of competing imaging systems.
  • Displays plastic and liquid explosives, composite weapons, plastic and metal guns, ceramic and metal knives, recording devices, drugs, and other contraband.
  • Safe for all individuals and complies fully with applicable personnel screening standards.


  • Detection Capability: Images full range of threats concealed under clothing
  • Scan Time: 10 seconds to acquire front and back images in one scan
  • Image analysis is done remotely


Also available as a single-sided system, SmartCheck, and in a relocatable container, SmartCheck Inspection Module - High-Throughput (SIM HT)


The SmartCheck HT system is safe for all individuals and meets the applicable Health Physics Society/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) personnel-screening standard as referenced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The effective dose from the SmartCheck HT system is 0.05 microSieverts per scan (equivalent to 5 microRem).

It is important to keep in mind that all of us are exposed to ionizing radiation — from sources such as the sun's rays — every single day of our lives. To put this into perspective, 0.05 µSv is equivalent to:

  • The radiation a person receives from flying in an airplane for about one minute at 30,000 feet (due to the increased exposure from cosmic rays).
  • Less than one percent (1%) of the radiation dose received by the average person on any day of the year.


  • Privacy Software: Privacy-enhanced SmartCheck HT creates an image that looks like a chalk outline of the passenger with potential threats outlined, with information to identify the nature and location of threats, but does not reveal facial features, nor anatomical detail.
  • Operational Procedures to Assure Privacy: Operational procedures further assure privacy. The SmartCheck HT system creates only the privacy-enhanced images, and the images cannot be printed, stored, exported or transmitted. The images are automatically erased after review by the operator, who is located in a remote, secure area away from the screening process. This also ensures that the security analyst does not see and is not able to identify the person being screened.


High-throughput screening that is fast, safe, and effective

A gun and explosives (on leg) are clearly shown in the front view

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