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Relocatable Checkpoint


Three proven technologies for one comprehensive solution.

IPSM™ leverages three proven technologies to give your checkpoint the most complete and accurate threat detection available—all housed in a container that’s designed for easy relocation.

The SmartCheck® system with Z Backscatter® technology screens people for all types of threats. Meanwhile, the Gemini® system with dual-energy plus Z Backscatter technology inspects parcels for a full range of threats. A radiation portal monitor alerts the operator to the presence of radioactive materials.

  • Rugged, relocatable checkpoint for the most thorough inspection of people and their belongings.
  • SmartCheck uses Z Backscatter technology to screen people for weapons, explosives, and other IED components like wires and detonators.
  • Gemini system provides additional capabilities above those of conventional parcel X-ray machines through its combination of transmission X-rays and Z Backscatter X-rays.
  • Radiation portal monitor identifies presence of radioactive materials.


  • Relocatable checkpoint built into a standard ISO container. 
  • Remote operator console: Can be located up to 50 m (164 ft) from the container.
  • CCTV: Allows operators to observe individuals passing through the system.
  • Audio system: Two-way microphone and speaker system for communication with individuals passing through the checkpoint


Used at military checkpoints to inspect people and their belongings for IEDs

Incorporating SmartCheck, Gemini, and a Radiation Portal Monitor

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