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Relocatable Checkpoint


Exposes threats, not individuals. 

SIM HT is a high throughput, rugged screening system that’s designed for easy relocation to remote areas, and ideally suited for harsh environments and rugged terrain.

Our Z Backscatter® technology offers complete privacy for the person being screened—while clearly displaying security threats that metal detectors miss, such as explosives, suicide vests, composite and ceramic weapons, drugs, and more. As a result, there’s no need for intrusive and time-consuming pat-down searches.

  • Comprehensive, high-throughput personnel screening system that displays metallic and non-metallic threats
  • Easy-to-interpret privacy images that give the operator valuable information on the shape, size, and location of hidden threats or contraband
  • Rugged and self-contained for deployment in harsh environments


  • Remote system operation and image analysis for operator safety and privacy
  • Includes video of screened person and two-way audio communication
  • Scan Time: 10 seconds to acquire front and back, images in one scan
  • Built for use in harsh environments and rugged terrain


  • Also available in a single-sided called SmartCheck Inspection Module (SIM) in which front and back images are acquired separately


The system is safe for all individuals and meets the applicable Health Physics Society/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) personnel screening standard as referenced by the US Food and Drug Administration. The effective dose from the SIM HT system is less than 10 microRem (0.1 microSieverts) per scan.

It is important to keep in mind that all of us are exposed to ionizing radiation — from sources such as the sun’s rays — every single day of our lives. To put this into perspective, 10 microRem is equivalent to:

  • The radiation a person receives from flying in an airplane for about two minutes at 30,000 feet (due to the increased exposure from cosmic rays)
  • One percent (1%) of the radiation dose received by the average person on any day of the year


  • Privacy Software: SIM HT creates an image that looks like a chalk outline of the scanned person with potential threats outlined, with information to identify the nature and location of threats but does not reveal facial features nor anatomical detail


Comprehensive and rugged screening for hidden metallic and organic threats

A suicide vest is clearly shown in the privacy images

Easily relocated and rugged enough for harsh terrain

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